Player Excellence


The STEM Academic Achievement Scholarship Award was established in 2010, by
Commissioner Emeritus, Dr. Jeff Watt to recognize those student athletes who have
excelled in the study of mathematics and sciences in high school. This academic based,
competitive award will be presented to qualified senior high school athletes who have
chosen to major in a STEM-related discipline (science, technology, engineering or
mathematics) at a four-year college or university. Preference is given to students who
demonstrate: academic excellence in high school mathematics and science, participation in high school athletic competition, team spirit, and good sportsmanship. To be eligible for this ward, a student must have completed four years of mathematics courses and four years of science courses in high school, and earn at least a cumulative GPA of 3.75 on a 4.00 scale. Those student athletes receiving this award will receive an academic scholarship of $1,000.

2020: Adam Hughes

2018: Ryan Cole

2016: Andrew Lapel

2015: Evan Sattler


The Carmel High School Icehounds Hockey scholarship award was established in 2005 by the Icehounds Board to recognize academic, athletic and leadership excellence by a senior Icehounds student athlete. The scholarship is administered through the Carmel Education Foundation as part of Carmel High School’s annual awards program.

2022: Tate Compton, Purdue University
2021: Nick Popowics, Indiana University
2020: Bo Armstrong, Indiana University
2019: Ryan Morris, Indiana University
2018: Ryan Cole, IUPUI
2017: Danny Popowics, Indiana University
2016: Reese Morris, Indiana University
2014: Ryan Beery, Ball State University
2013: Josh Goyke, Purdue University

2012:Nick Oliver, Depaul University
Andrew Young, Indiana University
2010: Jon Micah Goeller, Indiana University
2009: Brad Minnick, Indiana University
2008: Tom Coyne, Purdue University
2007: Andrew Minnick, Purdue University
2006: J. Matthew Grainda, Indiana University
2005: Nicolas Wilhoit, Ball State University


The Carmel High School Scholar Athletes award recognizes those student athletes who maintain a 3.7 or higher GPA during their Fall Semester.

2021-2022:  Jack Armstrong, Ben Barnhart, Evalyn Bellotti, Carmela Campbell, Mallorey Cheslock, Nash Cheslock, Tate Compton, Matt DiDonna, Tobey Esterline, Nate Hughes, Max Kleinke, Cole TerBush, Nick Weninger, Joseph Youikilis

2020-2021:  Jack Armstrong, Brett Barnhart, Josh Clark, Tate Compton, Matt DiDonna, Reece Eichman, Kayden Lyons, Charlie Mock, Nick Metzger, Nick Popowics, Andrew Selstad, Aidan Simoneau, Noah Sosinsky, Joseph Youkilis

2019-2020:  Bo Armstrong, Alan Bettner, Brennan Chopp, Josh Clark, Matt DiDonna, Nick George, Adam Hughes, Nick Popowics, Andrew Selstad, Aidan Simoneau, Jack Sterchi, Nicholas Weninger, Caden Wisdorf, Adam Youkilis, Joseph Youkilis

2018-2019:  Bo Armstrong, Brennan Chopp, Adam Hughes, Matthew Lapel, Ryan Morris, Nick Popowics, Andrew Selstad, Caden Wisdorf, Adam Youkilis, Ben Youkilis

2017-2018:  Bo Armstrong, Andrew Bettner, Brennan Chopp, Josh Clark, Nick George, Michale Grenner, Michah Hartsock, Adam Hughes, Ryan Morris, Nick Popowics, Brian Schnelzer, Caden Wisdorf

2016-2017:  Will Carlson, Jack Donnelly, Jacob Hughes, Jackson Kemple, Jack Knipscheer, Matthew Kwan, Ryan Morris, Jack O’Hara, Will Patton, Chris Perry, Danny Popowics, Griffin Thomas

2015-2016: Jack Donnelly, Jacob Hughes, Jack Knipscheer, Andrew Lapel, Reece Morris, Jack O’Hara, Will Patton, Danny Popowics, Griffin Thomas, Brian Schnelzer

2014-2015: Logan Gentile, Bo Jendrusina, Andrew Lapel, Max Maharaj, James Medrnach, Conner Minnick, Reece Morris, Jack O’Hara, Will Patton, Tanner Plotkowski, Danny Popowics, Evan Sattler, James Young









The ISHSHA established this award in 2003 to recognize the Indiana State High School Hockey Association team with the highest total GPA for the first semester of the current school year.

2014: Carmel Icehounds (Blue) : Team GPA of 3.63
2021: Carmel Icehounds (Gold) : Team GPA of 3.69



This award was established in 2005 in Memory of Mike Sells, a former assistant coach and player with the North Central Hockey Program, who died tragically in 2004 at the age of 25. It is awarded to the Hoosier League senior player who best demonstrates “Heart of the Team” characteristics both on and off the ice. This includes leadership and good sportsmanship, solid academic performance, positive mental attitude, and being an asset to their school and community.

2022: Matt DiDonna
2021: Nick Popowic
2016: Reese Morris
2015: James Young
2014: Ryan Beery
2012: Ben Lugar


The ISHSHA Academic All State Team is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, in addition to all contribution and dedication exhibited to the sport of hockey. This award is recognized annually during the ISHSHA State tournament. To qualify for this honor, student-athletes must be seniors who have achieved a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA, and minimum combined score of 1000 (SAT), 1500 (SAT II), or 20 (ACT)

2022: Jack Armstrong, Nash Cheslock, Tate Compton, Matt DiDonna, Nate Hughes, Nick Metzger, Eds Newkirk, Misha Savin, Joseph Youkillis

2021: Brett Barnhart, Josh Clark, Micah Hartsock, Nick Popowics, Andrew Selstad, Aidan Simoneau, Noah Sosinksy

2020: Bo Armstrong, Brennan Chopp, Teagan Compton, Nick George, Teddy George, Adam Hughes, Kyle Kleva, Will Pippen, Caden Wisdorf, Adam Youkilis

2019: Michael Greener, Cameron Hudson, Matthew Lapel, Ryan Morris, Cooper Walchle, Ben Youkilis

2018: Ben Tocci, Andrew Bettner, Brian Schnelzer, Ryan Cole, Matthew Kwan, Vlad Keddie

2017: Robby Ballone, Kaleb Boyl, Will Carlson, Jack Donnelly, Beef Franklin, Vince Grasso, Jacob Hughes, Jackson Kemple, Jack Knipscheer, Jack O’Hara, Will Patton, Danny Popowics, Ali Sinnett

2016: Danny Anderson, Andrew Lapel, Spencer Lyon, Reece Morris, Tanner Plotkowski

2015: Evan Sattler, James Young, Logan Gentile, Connor Minnick

2014: Ryan Beery, Sam Casey, Michael Hohn, Alec Imaizumi, Alex Meyer, Matthew Swingler, Cole Whittington

2012: Bobby Burlas, Troy Desmond, Robby Fauth, Jonathan George, Nick Oliver, Kevin Medernach, Brandon Krumper, Ben Lugar

2011: Nick Bognanno, Andrew Young

2010: Michael Coyne, Jon Micah Goeller, Michael Price

2009: Nathan Ip, Brad Minnick, Colin Swingler

2008: Tom Coyne, Jonathan Franyz, James D. Gaylor, Jeffrey Wurtz, David Young

2007: Claire Gerber, Lance Goyke, Andrew Minnick 2006: J. Matthew Grainda, Zach Mills, Andrew Swingler 2004: Adam Passarelli, Michael Geary



This award is presented to the player that best exemplifies the sportsmanship and character of Hobey Baker. This includes exemplary attitude, integrity, coachability, selflessness and citizenship.

2020: Nick George

2013: Josh Goyke

2017: Danny Popowics        

2012: Robby Fauth

2016: Andrew Lapel

2011: Andrew Young

2015: James Young

2010: Jon Micah Goeller

2014: Ryan Beery

2009: Billy Cameron


This award was established in 1978 to honor Matt Crace, a dedicated sportsman and an accomplished hockey goaltender who died in an auto accident at the age of 15. The award was established by Matt’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Crace of Columbia City, Indiana and numerous friends who knew of Matt’s exceptional talent and dedication to the game.

2021: Nick Popowics

1985: Steve Davis

2001: Karsten Steinhäuser

1982: Mark Sarno


This award was established in 2003 to remember a young player from Noblesville, Ind., who died in 1995 during his freshman year of high school. Despite being deaf and small in size, Nick played hockey with all his heart and did it for the sheer fun of it. He didn’t live long enough to play in a State Invitational Tournament, but he would have relished the experience.

2022: Matt DiDonna
2017: Danny Popowics


This award was established in 2020 by the family of Reese Miller in loving memory of the former Icehounds player.

2022: Matt DiDonna
Micah Hartsock
2020: Teddy George